As much as fashion is an integral part of the human race, it is appropriate to dress for all seasons. Spring is that time of the year after winter. It is time to ditch the heavy winter coats in favor of light fabrics that would allow you enjoy the soothing weather. Following trends in the fashion industry, here are current trending styles and tips on how to rock the best styles through spring 2018.


Spring is not a time to done heavy clothing or complicated styles which is why fringe is always ideal for the season. Style up with fringe items ranging from your dress to tops, bags and even sandals. Create that spicy and tangy look with this addition to your closet.

• Do Light Colors: This season is never the time to put on dark colors. Though it is a season of vibrant and bold colors and the perfect time to keep your outfit light, if you want to wear dark colors, you can make it pop by adding bright colors.

Layer Up

Adding different layers to your cloth can make you look really chic and stylish. However, remember it is summer and you should never stack too much layers on each other. Makes sure your comfort is the core of your dressing when you are layering up. Remember, you want to enjoy the warmness and serenity of the spring breeze as much as possible.

Let’s go sheer

Sheer clothing is becoming quite popular by the day. Though this category of dressing will take a lot of confidence to pull of, it is one of the best fashion trends to happen to spring. You can literally pair a sheer black dress with any vibrant piece from your closet!

Stay as versatile as you can

As much as there are season specific clothing and you do not want to wear what is for spring during winter, there are still some clothing that can be used across some seasons. This helps to save money while staying trendy and stylish and depending on your location, the spring weather may not be as light as it is in other areas. By retaining versatile pieces, you can deal with the weather regardless of how the day looks like.

• Spice the basic look up: Spring always appears like the time to do cool outfits and stay basic, well fashion trends begs to differ. No one should look basic all the time whatever season it may be! Spice up your basic looks with unexpected twists in your accessories!

• Spring is for prints: Spring is a season that screams freshness and growth, flowers begin to bloom and new leaves are popping from trees, there is no better time to wear your prints than in spring! Instead of doing the traditional floral patterns, whip out those delicious looking clothes with prints and pair them up for a fantastic result!

These are just a few tips to get you started on spring. Let your new fashion discovery speak in every design you wear this spring season!