If you are a fashion lover then you would know that ripped jeans are so IN this season. Okay, we are aware that ripped jeans have always been around in the fashion scene for some years now so it can be quite tricky for women to pick out the ones that are trendy at a particular time. Not to worry, we are here to help! This is a list of ten trending ripped jeans for women this season to make sure you look trendy throughout the year.

  1. High waist ripped jeans

Definitely a common choice amongst a lot of women, the high waist ripped jeans is perfect for casual outings and can easily be paired with a crop top and sandals or loafers.

  1. Wide legged ripped jeans

Also perfect for casual days, this ripped jean has been trendy for quite some time and is loved by a large number of women. It is perfect for all body types and is extremely flattering.

  1. Ripped skinny jeans

Ripped skinny jeans look great for different occasions and are definitely trendy at the moment. It can easily be paired with a jacket or a shirt for a less casual look. A pair of pumps will also look amazing with these jeans.

  1. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Want to look like the fun, stylish woman that you are, the ripped boyfriend jeans is perfect for you. Boyfriend jeans have been trending for a long time but the ripped versions brings the much needed edge to this piece of fashion. This ripped jean is definitely one of our favourites this season.

  1. Cropped skinny jeans

Ripped Cropped skinny jeans have definitely been around for a while now. The ripped cropped version of this fashion piece is widely loved by women in the younger demographic. It fits a variety of body types perfectly and is extremely flattering.

  1. Flared ripped jeans

If you have a bit of a vintage, old-school style, you will love the flared ripped jeans. This piece is highly trendy and is a great outfit for outdoor activities. Pair with a simple camisole or crop top for the total look.

  • Highly ripped star-patch jeans

This ripped jean definitely made its way back to the fashion scene this year and seems to be highly welcomed by many style experts. It is a little risqué but definitely a beauty.

Studded ripped jeans

Studs definitely make everything better and this is evident in this ripped jean. This piece has all the edge you need to make a statement.

  1. Ripped punk denim jeans

For the lover of high fashion, this ripped jean screams Paris fashion week! It is fun, versatile as it can be worn with literally anything from blazers to crop tops. It is very trendy and if you want a little rock and roll in your closet, you will love this piece.

  1. Baggy ripped knee jeans

Want a little rip in your jeans but not too much? The ripped knee baggy jeans will be perfect for you. This piece is loved by people with a more quiet style who just need a little edge once in a while. Definitely one of our favourites.