It is quite obvious that the typical fashion tips for the normal size women would be lost on plus sized women. But most times plus sized women are forced to go with tips for the slimmer and less curvy women either because they have an intense love for fashion but there are little or no fashion tips available for women on the big size, or maybe they just do not know what looks best on them.

The rules for other women do not apply to plus size women; from what type of clothes to wear to the perfect underwear. There are so many tips and pictures of skinny models, but you would be making a mistake trying out those tips since they would not complement your figure the way the right fashion tips for your body type would. Here are some top plus size fashion tips that every plus size woman should know about;

1. Black is your best friend

Asides the fact that black outfits can be accessorized with anything and any color to give you a sophisticated look; it would also make you look slimmer. As a plus size woman, your new best friend is the color black. Any black outfit from trousers, to gowns, tops, jumpsuits, etc., you should invest in it. If you feel black is too dark for the occasion you can brighten it up with a pop of color using something sharp like, yellow, pink or even red.

2. Know your body shape and dress accordingly

One very important tip for plus sized or curvy women is to know your body size and dress according. If you are pear-shaped go with separates and if you have an hourglass figure invest in some waist belt to show off your dipping waistline. If you know your body shape and stick to outfits that accentuate them properly, you are on your way to becoming a fashion icon.

3. Wear your right measurement

Make sure your clothes are just the right amount of tight and baggy, meaning they should be the right fit. If your clothes are too baggy you look less stylish and more like a sack of potatoes, and if too tight you would look slutty and ridiculous, so they should just be the right fit. To get the perfect fit, you should know your right measurement and always wear it.

4. Invest in some good shapewear

There are sometimes you need to go for a special occasion wearing that red mermaid dinner gown you love so much, but your tummy is a little bloated. You can trim and tuck in those imperfections with good shapewear. It would even out your frame, giving you a smooth finish.

5. Belts

As a plus size woman, you can never have too many belts because belts can give your outfit a new stylish look in an instant. If your gown is looking too baggy, throw on a waist belt, and you have an hourglass shape instantly. Being plus size should not limit your fashion choices because there are so many fashion tips and outfits that you are yet to try.