Maxi dresses have been an absolute delight in recent years and there is no reason why 2018 should be any different. Ladies love to feel comfortable, yet very stylish and a signature maxi dress is the easiest way to achieve this look.

The versatility of maxi dresses will enable you to easily go from a fun brunch with the girls to an evening soiree. It is a highly stylish piece of fashion and definitely a must-have this 2018. Here is a collection of ten of our favourite picks for your perusal.

  1. Off-the-shoulder maxi dresses

The off shoulder maxi dress looks great on all body types as it enables you to remain well covered up while exposing just the right amount of skin. This highly flattering piece is definitely a must-have this year.

  1. The Denim-Inspired Maxi dress

The fabric used for this dress almost feels and looks like denim. It is very soft to touch and very lightweight so you remain cool in the sun. Definitely one of our favourite looks.

  1. The Boho Maxi dress

Specially designed for free, fun loving women, the boho maxi dress just makes a statement whenever you step into a room.

  1. Halter neck maxi dresses

This piece is highly flattering to the neck and arms area and is definitely a favourite amongst women. For a bit of drama, go for one with leopard prints or you can keep it simple and fun as seen below

  1. Strapless maxi dresses

Show off your beautiful skin with this strapless maxi number. Accessorise with a cute belt and appropriate jewellery and you’re all set!

  1. V-Necked maxi dresses

Want to show off that beautiful cleavage, a V-necked maxi dresses is one of the safest ways to do it. You will definitely look sexy yet classy in this number.

  1. Lace maxi dress

All women know that lace is just about the sexiest fabric out there. This lace, strapless maxi gown will definitely turn heads and have you feeling comfortable and beautiful throughout the day. It is definitely a must-have this year.

  1. Floral maxi dress

You cannot go wrong with floral dresses this 2018 and you get plus points if its floral prints on a maxi dress. This number is a safe yet stunning choice and looks great on all body types.

  1. Single strap maxi dresses

Accentuate your neckline with this amazing piece. It looks amazing on a large number of body types and is extremely easy to wear. Keep the accessories minimal as this is more of a casual, yet chic look.

  1. The long sleeved mermaid maxi dress

Want to cover up a bit and still look stunning? Then this look will be perfect for you. The long sleeves make you appear slimmer while the dress hugs your body perfectly to give a very classy look. Pair with a simple stunning necklace and you’re all set!

These maxi dresses will make their way back into the fashion scene this year during the spring or summer so you should definitely start upgrading your closet now!