Whenever someone is looking to lose weight, everyone thinks about the changes in lifestyle they’d have to make – especially when it comes to dieting and exercising. One majorly over-looked aspect in the weight loss journey is usually the workout apparels to wear. Obviously, you can’t exercise in your regular clothes – well, you can but how convenient and comfortable is that? By promoting interest and performance, proper and active workout clothes is an extra motivation to exercise regularly. It gives you the mindset that you are out to achieve a fitter and better body and for people who want to lose weight, nothing is probably more important than an optimistic mind.

Exercising is difficult enough, wearing the wrong type of clothes will only toughen things up. When shopping for plus size workout clothing, it is essential to go for clothes designed for your frame; proportionate clothing makes exercising fun and comfortable. Reinforced waistbands, armpit holes and pant legs that allow for flexibility are things to look out for when shopping for plus size workout wears. If you constantly need to adjust your bra, pull up your waistband or reposition your shirt anytime you work out; you are not the problem, your clothes are.

Tips on buying work out clothes

First and foremost, before buying workout clothes, there are several things you need to put into consideration;

–    What kind of exercise will you be doing? Aerobics, jogging, yoga, etc.

–    How often will you exercise? Daily, weekly?

–    What type of clothes will you be most comfortable in? Form-fitting or loose-fitting? I.

–    What is your budget like?

Once you have satisfactorily analyzed these questions, you can then proceed to buy your workout clothes. Important tips and guidelines for buying plus size workout clothes include;

•    Fabric

Exercising in general tougher than our regular day-to-day activities, therefore it goes without saying that workout clothes go through tougher treatment than our everyday wears. With this in mind, it is important to buy workout clothes with high quality and durable fabric. Cozy and compressive fabric that stretch and allow for flexibility is best for working out. Additionally, light weight, chafe resistant and sweat-wicking fabrics are most suitable for workout sessions. We produce a lot of sweat when we work out, and the last thing you will need is material that absorbs the moisture and weighs you down. Breathable and comfortable materials fit for work out sessions include; cotton, jersey, lycra, spandex, etc.

•    Style

Who said you couldn’t be stylish while working out? There is an array of styles in plus size workout clothing to meet your needs whatever they may be. Cargo pants, tank tops, t-shirts, sweat pants, leggings and several others are all available in plus size. Sweat suits are most ideal for jogging and walking especially in cooler temperatures, because of their heavier material, they are not suitable for high energy exercise. Leggings are lightweight and very flexible as a result of the stretchy material they are made from. Consequently, they are most suitable for almost all high energy workout sessions. Leggings are available in knee length and an ankle length. Tops including t-shirts and tank tops can be either form or loose fitting depending on preference and are usually made from breathable and moisture-wicking lightweight fabric. From cute and colourful to functional and athletic designs, plus size workout clothes are available in all styles and designs and knowing what you will help narrow down the search.

•    Undergarments

For plus size women with a larger bust, the sports bra is your best friend. It can be worn under any workout clothing, and it will give you all the support you need no matter how intense or high impact the workout session may be. The best sports bras are made with compressive and sweat-wicking material, and some come with a wire to provide extra support. You are bound to feel sore after intense exercise; a sports bra will give you less to worry about as it offers adequate support for the chest eliminating the chance of back pains. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to know and wear the correct bra size for utmost effectiveness.

•    Brands

An increasing number of apparel companies offer plus size workout clothes. It is ideal to check that the brand you are going to matches your requirements in personal style and budget. Some of the popular brands that sell plus size work out clothes include Old Navy, Fabletics, Fila, JunoActive, Athleta, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

Buying workout clothes doesn’t have to be overwhelming, find out what works best for you in comfort and style and run with it (pun intended). It may be tempting to wear baggy clothes to hide your shape especially if you feel insecure about your looks. However, it is best to wear fitting clothes (that are not too constricting either) that allow for easier movement. There are lots of several plus size workout clothes available, pick whatever flatters your shape the best and just work it.