The mainstream fashion industry can turn out to be really harsh when it comes to handling animals with compassion and love; you’d be surprised to know that many renowned brands, even fragrance companies, are still testing their final products on animals.

If this’s certainly not your thing, you might be interested in stocking up some cruelty-free perfumes! There are so many outstanding vegan and cruelty-free perfume companies that are quite easy to find. Selecting a vegan perfume or cruelty-free fragrance usually meant that you were going to a local healthy food market in the past.

However, today even high-end retail stores like Sephora and Amazon carry the most beautiful and top-notch cruelty-free perfume brands for our vegan supporters. These beauties are available in solid perfumes, timeless spray bottles and also perfume wipes for travelling purposes.

You can also buy these products from the company’s official website and stores or from other renowned online portals like BeautyHabit, Spirit Beauty Lounge or The Detox Market.

Here’s a list of the top aromatic lines that’re contradicting animal testing with their exquisite cruelty-free scents and are true to what they claim.


The US-based brand has confirmed that they, nor any of their suppliers or third parties, believe in policies where products are tested on animals during production. Also, they don’t supply or sell their items to China (animal testing is mandatory as per the Chinese law). Their lovely Eau de Parfum line varies from $165 – $190 with scents that are sure to leave you in awe. Next page!