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Finding the perfect clothes is the hardest thing to do, it is way too tedious and boring. The size and shape of a women’s body changes all the time, sometimes the jeans is too loose to wear it without a belt and sometimes it just gets too tight to go up your thigh. May I present you Dia&Co, for all the ladies out there who wants to look good with their constantly changing sizes. 

Meet Nadia, the CEO and Co-founder of dia&co. It is high time that you ditch your shopping trips and give dia&co a chance to bring the latest trends at your doorstep! Styling services are nothing new to the fashion industry but, the incorporation of plus sizes definitely is, which is remarkable.

Dia&Co is one such clothing subscription service specially made for the curvy women out there to fulfill their fashion needs so they could feel confident about themselves and flaunt every possible look. They not only cater the needs of plus size women but also provide them with a variety of clothes to choose from.

Nadia says, “I’ve always loved fashion, but struggled to find clothes that fit my body and worked with my personal style.

I’ve been everything from a size 12 to a size 22 and I couldn’t help but notice, no matter my size, that there was nothing for me.” And this led her to start her own business with the name of “Dia&Co” in 2014 so women of different sizes could be proud of their bodies and wear whatever they want to. 

“It grew out of a personal need and now, Dia&Co is a place where everyone can explore all the incredible things that style can really do.”, adds Nadia.

Why should I ditch the traditional shopping trips for the subscription service?

There are numerous reasons for switching to the subscription clothing service especially to Dia&Co. It is an easy and affordable way to get all stylish. Since Dia&Co incorporates your budget, you will never get to overspend and hence can save for other things.

Not just that, you will be given good quality clothes based on your own unique and personal style which will be delivered right at your doorstep! It is the most hassle free option that is available for you. Most importantly it will help you in improving your style and fashion sense too.

Even now there are some people who do not trust the internet and don’t really go for online shopping because of the fraud or what is shown on the screen isn’t really delivered. Here, at Dia&Co you can easily return the things too if you don’t like it which means it is hassle free.

Furthermore, the more feedback you send them the more personalized and better results are seen to be attained because their stylists pay special attention to your needs, likes and dislikes.

This clothing subscription service is going to save a lot of your time. It is basically an efficient and a smart thing to do. Dia Box is an excellent service, and it’s definitely in the running for an Editors’ Choice 

Dia&Co just took over people’s hearts

It is observed that plus sized women are often ready to spend loads of money despite of which perfectly sized clothes for them are not really available and that is when Dia&Co comes into action.

On feburary 9th, Dia&Co took out a full-page ad in The New York Time. They actually challenged the designers through this huge advertisement to make clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.

Her work has been inspirational and more and more women are becoming a part of it. Despite of receiving so much attention and appreciation by the media, fashion industry and people all around the world, she still thinks that there is a long way to go. More power to you woman!

Personalized Stylists

How many of you have dreamed of having your very own stylist? Well, it is time for that dream to come true!

Dia&Co brings you an affordable service of personalized stylist right at your front door, except that it is online. Stylists here at Dia know that style is the best way for one to express herself.

They are passionate fashion experts who incorporates your fashion needs, adds the company’s own magic touch to it and hence provide you with the best of all items made especially for you. Their specially-trained fashion experts select each piece with affection to complement your shape and size. 

Their Mission

Nadia Boujarwah wants women to achieve the everyday confidence, she wants them to openly accept their bodies and make a difference. She believe in the following traits: 

  1. Express Yourself: Being shy is no more an option, be the one you want to be, say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want to be wearing clothes that you would like to wear because at the end of the day it is YOU, who matter. 
  2. Define Your Own Set Of Rules: Throw away your old rule books that tells you what to wear and what not to wear.  There is no right or wrong way to wear what makes you feel incredible.
  3. Find You’re Swagger: It is about wearing the right clothes with the right attitude because in the end it is your clothes and positive energy that people notice and get influenced from.
  4. Have Some Fun: Thinking outside the box applies to fashion, too. Be bold, take risks and see where it takes you. Because you only get to live once and there is no fun in being same and monotonous. 

The Dia Box experience 

The box was of light purple color and the clothes inside were neatly packed in a tissue paper. After opening the box followed a note directly from your personal stylists which consists of the justifications for the clothes which has been selected for you.

Opening the tissue and fishing for new clothes reminds me of old times when my birthday gifts used to be neatly wrapped and I used to have no idea what was inside.

Oh. Nostalgia! Anyways, after 5 clothes have been found, the box will have the bill in the end on which will be written the price of every cloth present in the box. If you decide to buy all the clothes you will get a 25% off and if you don’t and want to return something that too can be done. That too with NO shipping charges at all! 

Dia&Co Active?

This is new service that they have recently started. Here, they promise to provide you with all the active wear delivered right at your house. 

Let’s see what they have for us:

  1. Get 5 active curated active wear pieces.
  2. Access hundreds of styles
  3. Find the perfect fit for your body
  4. Join the community of women in motion.

How does Dia&Co work?

First of all you will have to Sign Up on their Website after which you’ll be given an extensive survey to fill.

This will basically be your style profile. Here, you will not only be asked about your favorite colors and clothes but also things like your body shape, style and most shockingly your budget too, so you get to buy things that don’t only look nice on you but are also affordable for you.

You will also be asked questions regarding the fitting and styles of your tops and bottoms after which you will then have to take the style quiz.

This quiz will have questions regarding your height and different sizes. Moreover, you will also be asked what parts of your body are you comfortable showing off and what parts would you want to be covered.

This will help the company in making clothes more comfortable for you. Once you have completed your profile you will be asked about how often would you like to receive the box.

You can choose to get them every two/three weeks or every other month. Shipping is always free, and you can stop your plan whenever you feel like doing so. And the best part is, you can earn $20 of credit for each new friend that joins the service on your invite. 

What will you get?

Now the question arises that, how much will you have to pay and what will you get to avail in it. Not to worry, I have got your back. 

You will have to pay a styling fee of $20 along with every box that you will get. This $20 fee includes:

  • A talented devoted personal stylist who handpicks things just for you.
  • 5 items to give a try at home.
  • Free return shipping on anything you don’t like and hence don’t want to buy
  • $20 off on your bill (total amount)
  • Free and unlimited size exchanges
  • 25% off when you buy everything sent in the box

She created this exciting subscription service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy clothing without any restrictions.

Fashion is capable of transforming you from ordinary looking to giving you a sassy stunning look so you could feel the best about yourself. They believe in taking away all the stressful work of shopping from you and hope to deliver amazing things that fashion has to offer.

The best thing about Dia&Co is that you can try on everything from home and only pay for what you like.

Why Dia&Co?

They are the best in business. They are committed to getting you your right fit and style you in a way you are comfortable with yet look gorgeous and that too in your budget. Each cloth is selected with love and care and is handpicked especially for you.

They think everybody has their own unique style which they tend to appreciate and carry it forward. It gives you this opportunity to explore and experiment with fashion and actually have fun while doing it. It teaches you to love your body, more importantly yourself.

They are experienced and aware of various cuts, sizes and shapes therefore knows what is best for you and your body. There are a lot of other subscription services that you can find over the internet but most of them are not inclusive of plus sizes.

Dia&Co is one such subscription service that caters the requirements of plus sizes and have sizes from 14 to 32. The best part is that their stylists themselves are plus sized hence they know about your struggle and are aware of what you have been looking for all that time.

Oh and let us not forget, they promise the right fit!

Why Support them? 

If you go through their social media, they have pictures of women of all sizes, colors and race which definitely relates to women empowerment.

It is by far the most openly diverse website encouraging women to be proud of themselves. 67% of women in the U.S. are size 14 or higher, which means majority of the women’s clothing and fashion requirements are completely ignored.

These women are often the victim of body shaming (aka fat shaming) for not having the perfect body shape and size as portrayed by our very own media and fashion industry.

Dia&Co is one such initiative taken by an amazing woman to let curvy women explore fashion for their real bodies and break the stereotypes. Their mission and the passion of the work makes them stand out.

Dia & Co’s co-founder Nadia Boujarwah told ABC News that “more than 75 percent of Dia stylists identify as plus size themselves, and over time, work with customers to build an incredible wardrobe.” 

Every women has the right to look beautiful….Now be confident about yourself and flaunt every possible look! 

Be Proud! Be Curvy! Take our 30-Second Quiz here and Learn Your Body Shape!