Organic Makeup That Must Be in Your Beauty Box Now!


Women are conscious of their skincare and are reverting to the organic makeup products for the obvious benefits. There are no two opinions on the well-accepted fact that makeup not just enhances your facial beauty but also boosts your self-esteem. But, the synthetic beauty products are laden with chemicals causing concerns among health-conscious communities, makeup professionals and daily consumers (of course women mainly).  Women are the largest consumer of beauty products and understand that this beauty shouldn’t be at the expense of exposure to diseases such as skin cancers, Alzheimer, allergies and congenital disabilities.

Organic makeup and beauty products are a perfect alternative to the big brands that cost you a fortune.  Their products contain harsh chemicals that produce horrible side effects. That’s why organic products are so popular nowadays. Organic products are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Use essential oils as natural fragrances
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Save you from premature aging
  • Keep your skin gentle and smooth

If you’re excited about organic products and want to experience a radiant and glowing skin, let me help you handpick some of the best makeup from the organic aisles. Organic products feature herbal extracts, nutritive components, and vitamins for long-lasting beauty.

ILIA  Beauty Tinted Lipsticks and Lip Conditioner

This brand is eco-friendly featuring recycled aluminum packaging, cruelty-free products, and certified bioactive organic substances. USDA organic and Leaping Bunny certify its lab. ILIA brand holds a reputation for both its simplicity and transparency.

The volumizing and hydrating composition of this lip color along with cocoa butter will give your lips a spectacular shine and a radiant velvety finish. The vitamin-E and pomegranate seed extracts moisturize, protect from aging and keep your lips soft and shielded.

The color tones are buildable, and one or two swipes will give you a natural and creamy texture, or you can add more layers for a heavy and darker shade.

RMS Beauty Cream:

This beauty cream from RMS contains “Cocos Nucifera” coconut oil that removes all makeup in a few gentle swipes. Just apply a little amount and gently work it in your skin. You can use it as a moisturizer for dry skin and even as a deodorant by applying it to dry underarms.

RMS is known for its concealer, foundations, moisturizing creams and beauty oils. It is food grade, natural and non-toxic organic nourishment for your skin improving your complexion.

Vapour Primer:

Vapour is a well-renowned name in the cosmetic industry because their products contain healthy and minimally processed ingredients. They are certified by Leaping Bunny which means they never test on animals and hence cruelty-free.  

Their multitasking primer is an essential makeup accessory that provides a refined and radiant skin canvas to all normal, sensitive and dry types. Apply it a little on your face, and it will instantly balance your skin tone, diffuse the lines and give your skin a smooth texture. Before a foundation and a layer of makeup, adding a layer of this precision stick formula will help your makeup stay longer and give it a luminous finish.

Alima Pure Foundations:

Alima Pure provides you a complete kit of cosmetics for your day-to-day makeup. Concealers, contour/finishing/balancing primer powders, precision liners, natural definition mascara, brush set (a whole range including blush, blending, powder, fine-liner, soft-focus and flat-top brush) and many other skincare products.

Check out their contour powder which is purely made from natural mineral ingredients. It beautifully sculpts and enhances your face structure by giving it more shadow and definition near cheekbones and along the jawline.

Hush & Dotti:

Its non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free and gluten free. I’m talking about the vast range of exquisite eyeshadows which they offer in both shimmer and matte shades. All colors are highly pigmented, and you can apply them as a light, sheer veil of color or give your eyes a more intense look by building it up.

It is certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny, and Cruelty-Free International.

You can also try their eye balms, cleansing balms, hydrating serums, exfoliating grains, liquid foundation, lip gloss, eye-liners and many other skin-safe, plant-based cosmetics.

Dr. Hauschka Makeup Products:

It is one of the leading, high-quality skincare brands and offers many such products which will keep your skin illuminated and toxin-free.

One of Amazon’s high-rated organic makeup is Dr. Hauschka’s soothing cleansing milk that swiftly removes all harsh makeup chemicals and dirt with the help of its grain extracts and Bentonite clay. It keeps the redness, blemishes, and sensitivity in check by its harmonizing and protective properties.

Another top-rated product is the clarifying toner by the same brand. This toner is best for diminishing blemishes, enlarged pores, and oil-free skin. It tightens and refines the skin with its balanced cleansing process and leaves it more firm and moisturized.

Lavera Makeup Line:

There is a long list of products from this fine organic brand that is worth mentioning and has satisfactory customer reviews and feedback that makes them worth-buying as well. But I will suggest only a couple that I’ve tested myself and have the highest rating and positive reviews.

Lavera Fresh mineral rouge powder is a shimmery, charming rose color powder made from organic olive, coconut, and camelina oils to nourish your skin. It is enriched with skin harmonizing flower extracts such as lime blossom, mallow, and roses.  This mineral-rich cheek powder will leave your skin fresh, rosy and invigorated.

Lavera Soft Glowing Cream Highlighter is a natural and organic face highlighter that effortlessly blends with your skin. It contains shimmering pigments that add an attractive glow to your cheeks, eyes, and lips. It comes in flattering colors, very easy to use and gives your skin a very radiant complexion. The cherry on top? It smells great!

Well, that’s not just it. There is a comprehensive list of organic products and brands available at affordable rates in the cosmetics industry. A healthy lifestyle not only eating healthy but also wearing healthy. As they say, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t wear it too. So, buying organic is just about a much healthier way of living.

Not every makeup that lists natural ingredients is organic.  We’ve assembled this list of organic products that are formulated with earth-friendly, superfood ingredients with extracts from flowers, fruits, and essential oil fragrances. They are safe for your skin and use no potentially harmful substances and chemicals.

Use these makeup products and help save your skin and beauty!