How To Rock Plus Size Lingerie


It’s that time of the year to treat you to something sexy and feel more confident about yourself. You don’t have to wait for an to be trim to feel sexy. Baby girl, you are already! Do not let others talk you into choosing to be simple because you are plus size. Anyone can rock them to a 100%.

•    First of all, you have to be ready to try different styles until you find the right one that suits you perfectly and makes you feel amazing.

•     You should not always try to go all bare every time.  Sometimes, a robe or a body suit could add little extra suspense to what’s underneath.

•    It is also very important to feel comfortable in whatever you lingerie you choose. It is not entirely about what you wear but also how you wear. The more comfortable you feel in your lingerie, the more confident you are wearing it. A simple lace camisole and lace panty is a good example of opting for. It’s comfortable and super sexy. Fearlessness is a powerful virtue, and you can bring it on wearing super sexy lingerie even though you are plus size.

It is important to own and carry yourself with courage. A lot of plus size women complain about the sizes and wearing lingerie saying they would not be caught dead in this or that because of the thighs and because of their belly and waist outlines. Thus, wearing exposing clothing and set lingerie is a big feat for special for us as plus size women. Wearing the right lingerie is the key. Here are some tips when shopping for them :

•    Perfect Bra

If you are looking for a bra for sculpting and shaping your breasts, try the ones with strong, technical fabrics that would support your size well. They are made with consideration of breathability, the creation of smooth lines under tight clothing and shaping of the breasts. If you are after sexier lingerie, then you should be the ones with the touch of silk and lace. They are reinforced to support the fuller bust, and they have wider straps and support slings to ease the weight of delicate lace.

•    Garter Belts

These are great at highlighting your most attractive body parts while mildly covering areas you feel less confident about. There are garter belts that sit around the waist to create an hourglass figure. The lace side panels shape the hips and cover areas between the garter belt and brief. It delicately covers the tummy with solid and firm pieces.

•    Rocking Highwaisted Pieces

One of the most common problems with high waisted pieces is that they usually overlap with longline bra shapes that reach an extra one inch or so than normal, creating the appearance of a one-piece style.

The briefs are the best approach to this. They have some sheerness in their design and keep things light and simple without creating a mass of one color or fabric texture, creating the illusion of a solid block. Wearing those with central panels that are curved to outline the narrowness of the waist and the fullness of the hips and thighs lengthen the torso visually. In addition to that, take note of the height of the model used in the image if you are shopping online to know how high or low the briefs might be on your body.