How to Rock Metallic Sneakers


Fashion styles like metallics are a bold and fun way to make your fashion statement, because who doesn’t notice metallic? Rock star fashion has always been interesting and daring but people are now showing rock stars that they too can rock metallics in a show stopping way like in dresses, tops, skirts, heels and sneakers. Here are some cool ways you can rock your metallic sneakers, but remember it is fashion so feel free to experiment with your own style.

With your boy shorts and tops

You might have seen this combo somewhere but you can take your look far from the norm and make it more stylish by rocking a metallic high top sneakers or opting for sneakers with some fun embellishment like spikes or fringe. Even though everyone will obviously be drooling over your shoes, take it up a notch by having fun with your top so nobody forgets what you wore.

With a short dress

Sneakers and dresses have been a thing since Miley was still Hanna Montana and is now even hotter than it was. It is young, it is fun and it is adventurous not to mention super comfortable. What says fun like a short dress blowing in the wind? I guess a metallic sneakers.

All black

You can never go wrong with black, black and metallics is a sure way to go, it adds up some mystery and cool sophistication to the bold fun mettalics. If you are one of those looking for a rather matured way to wear mettalics, this is definitely a go for you. You don’t have to bother about your outfit overpowering the shoe or the shoe being a little too strong for your style.

With your body structuring dressing

If you are going to go, go all the way. This is a strong sexy way to wear metallics and can be worn as the perfect work outfit even on a Monday, the office doesn’t have to be so tense all the time

Pencil skirt.

Make the streets your runway by dressing as a model would. Pairing a straight knee length skirt with your sneakers. To add a little bit of edge to this look, you could go for a skirt with side slits or for a leather skirt as in this picture.

With white pants

Metallics are conventionally paired with monochromes of black, grey and white, but there is nothing conventional about metallic sneakers on a white pantsuit, or with white pants and a comfortable knitted sweater. You may or may not decide to accessorise this look, as the shoe is enough accessories and maintain your chic look.

Casual office look

Who else is egging for a casual Thursday to show off a laid-back look like this one. With the right hat everything about casual outfit, with a fun hat and metallics just screams “yes!! I am the fashionable office girl”

Trench Coat

Throwing on a well-tailored trench coat can take your style from basic to major, but show them who is boss by adding on a metallic shoe and a tote handbag.

With Denim:

You didn’t think we were going to leave this one out did you? However you are wearing, there does not seem to be a wrong way to go with this one.