Over the years, plus size women have come to accept their bodies and overcome the issue of body shaming society throws at them every single day. Society has created a standard of beauty where women who are not of a slimmer stature do not fit into.

Even though these standards of beauty are torn down bit by bit every single day, a lot of plus size ladies still struggle with body image issues.

Before the likes of Allegra Doherty, Amy Lemons, and Ashley Graham there were not a lot of plus-size models or plus size clothing, leaving plus size women pliant with outdated pieces. Thankfully, day by day these issues are resolved, and size women can finally “dress to kill” like others.

Here are five tips on how to look chic as a plus size woman;

Dress For Your Body Type

Plus size women all have different shapes – Hourglass, pear, diamond, rectangle, inverted triangle. It is important to know what shape you have to ascertain what outfits would accentuate your figure perfectly. An hourglass shape is well proportioned and can pull off any outfit.

Pear-shaped ladies are usually fuller on the hips and can pull of body con dresses or separates that accentuate their figure. Diamond shaped should take on pieces that are slimming or enhances the visibility of the waistline.

Don’t Be Scared Of Colour

Contrary to popular belief which made the world believe bigger women should only wear dark colours to create distractions, plus size women can rock bold colours, have all the attention on their curves and still look gorgeous.

Colours do not only look good but can improve your mood and draw attention to certain areas. You can apply colorful statements pieces in areas you want to accentuate like;

●    A colorful belt or top to show off your waist.

●    A colorful statement necklace to emphasize your neckline.

●    A colorful shoe for the legs.

Colours can be incorporated into outfits without making it look cheesy and tacky.

Show Off Skin

Taking into consideration what works for your body shape, don’t be afraid to show off your best asset. Let the world see those toned legs by putting on a high slit skirt, put on that bodycon dress or pencil skirt to accentuate your curves. If you don’t mind showing off decolletage then, adorn your neck with very trendy neckpieces, and you’re good to go.

Use Appropriate Patterns And Ruffles

Patterns like stripes were once made in chunkier horizontal sizes, rendering plus size outfits unflattering to the wearer. Now, fashion designers are making use of optical illusion by incorporating asymmetrical stripes into outfits.

These stripes are perfect for a bigger figure because they make you look slimmer. A useful tip would be to purchase outfits with stripes angling inward to help slim the waistline also, colourful backgrounds with bright thin stripes do a lot of justice to the slimming effect.

Go With The Trend

Years ago, there weren’t a lot of designer fashion-forward outfits that were made to fit plus size women. However, all this has changed, and you can dress however you want to.

All pieces ranging from blazers, skinny jeans, crop tops, bodycon dresses, and bodysuits are available for plus size women. So, don’t be afraid to go with the trend, switch it up and look cute.

While all of these tips can help you look chic in plus size clothing, the ultimate tip would be to go for what works for you. Go with what you feel comfortable in and more importantly, love yourself.