I get it… You respect life and are ready to restock your beauty box with some quality ‘cruelty-free’ makeup. The compassionate companies supporting animal rights, strongly believe that animal life is just as valuable as humans’. They fight a good fight to save the poor helpless creatures from suffering the side effects of chemicals used in beauty products.  

Girls! We are with you in this good cause.  Therefore, we have assembled a list of the best products ‘not tested on animals’ to make sure your skin glows as brightly as your heart and soul. Some of these products don’t even use animal-derived ingredients. So, let’s start our roundup of cruelty-free quality makeup products.

Arbonne Makeup Products:

Arbonne, an animal-friendly company, has not tested its beauty and skincare products on animals for the last 35 years. Great, isn’t it? You can buy their products with full confidence and free conscience. Moreover, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Arbonne offers many products hugely popular among customers. Their intensive renewal serums, night repair creams, extra moisture restorative day cream, regenerating toners, and smoothing facial cleansers are just a few to mention.

Their advanced corrective eye crème is a must-have product. It soothes your eyes and minimizes the wrinkles and lines around them. You may find it a bit expensive, but it offers great value for money. Besides a little goes a long way and your investment may last for months, and its effects will last a lot longer.

Milani Vegan Products:

Yup! That’s right! Your makeup can be vegan just like your diet. This brand is for you if you want to achieve a flawless look without hurting a single animal in the process.  Milani cruelty-free makeup collection covers everything from shimmery blushers, primers, 2-in-1 concealer plus foundation to statement lipsticks and oil infused lip treatment products.

The bestsellers from Milani include Milani Baked Blush.It is a highly pigmented, streak-free powder that contours and highlights your face perfectly. It doesn’t just enhance your features but keep you looking radiant throughout the day.

Wet n Wild Quality Products

Wet n Wild isn’t wild on animals much to our relief! In fact, the makeup is gentle on your skin and quite tame in the application. It radiates through your flawless beauty for hours because of it intense staying power.

The Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick is an awesome shade. It’s interesting to note that Wet n Wild Lipsticks are glossy during initial application but turn matte with superior pigmentation as they dry. They dry gradually and smoothly preventing the formation of awful looking patches.

Moreover, you can also try their nude ivory foundation. It is a high-performing skin-perfecting formula that makes your skin camera-ready anytime, anyplace. It blends effortlessly with a second-skin matte finish.

Urban Decay Luxury Cosmetics

Urban Decay offers a full range of luxury cosmetics to its animal loving users. Their most luxurious and versatile makeup accessory is the Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette. It includes everything from rose to smoky, matte to shimmer, and applies very smoothly. This palette contains six taupe-hued colors which are neutral but not boring. They are ideal for all skin tones and will give you a perfect nude color for eyes.

Another worth-buying product from Urban Decay is their legendary All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It holds your makeup all night without melting, smudging and creasing. It keeps you looking fresh for a maximum of 16 hours. That’s truly a real deal at such an affordable price!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)

Now that’s the coolest name in the cosmetics industry. In contrast to what obsessive-compulsive stands for originally, this brand is an OCC for the color obsessed. It’s popular among youngsters for its ultra-bright colors, high-pigmentation, and creamy neutrals.

Everybody loves beauty with an edge. For that, I would suggest you OCC’s face and body glitter. It’s a golden shimmer with micronized metallic glitter giving your makeup a smooth and even finish!

The nail lacquers from OCC are also preferred by the majority of fashionistas for their super long-lasting quality. It’s a 100% cruelty-free brand and is also free from any unnecessary fillers, additives or harmful chemicals.

Kat Von D beauty:

Most ladies will agree that perfect eye makeup adds a lot to your overall looks and charisma. In fact, it can make many heads turn, and many hearts skip a beat.

Now you can make your eyes prominent and attractive with Kat Von’s tattoo liner. It comes with an innovative brush tip that gives you a precise fluid application. Moreover, it has a crack-resistant, fade-resistant and melt-resistant finish. In addition, you can also try their everlasting liquid lipsticks in flattering colors to get those luscious lips along with perfect eyes. All without hurting a poor animal of course.

Well people Cruelty-Free Makeup

A minimalist natural look is achievable with this brand. It delivers you a no-makeup look with its fine-quality, healthy ingredients.

Bio brightener stick is one of its magical products that will create an instant glow for all workaholics and sleep-deprived women. The non-greasy foundation is enriched with natural substances such as organic aloe, green tea, and chamomile. Your skin will look radiant, satin smooth and free from stress.

Another great product is the multi-action concealer that improves your skin texture and brightens it with its power-packed formula. It contains no harmful chemicals like paraben, propylene, glycol, petroleum, etc. Also, it camouflages all your skin imperfections and blends into your skin with incredible ease.

Tarte Beauty Essentials

A collection of all beauty essentials in one case to complete a variety of beauty looks. If you want it all together, spend your money on Tarte’s Pretty Paintbox. It includes everything from the palette, mascara, and blush-on to highlighter, and bronzer. You’ll not just get a variety of products, but its premium quality ingredients will also make the application much more easy and delightful.

Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer is also a dream product. It has mineral pigments that leave your skin velvety soft. The Amazonian clay works perfectly into your skin to give you a radiant bronze shade, better texture and skin clarity. It’s dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and highly rated by customers.

All these shimmering powders, glossy lip colors and skin-perfecting primers will prove a worthy investment. Not only will they look after your skin, but you will also contribute to a cause bigger than yourself; the cause to discourage and abolish cruel testing on animals. There are around 1700 businesses certified by PETA, Leading Bunny and other associations that never test their product on animals. All you’ve got to do is; ‘Next time you grab a product for nourishing your skin, make sure it’s from a cruelty-free cosmetics brand.’  Support cruelty-free makeup to fight a good fight.