Unwanted facial hair has always been a problem for ladies and it is one of the domains where they spend hundreds of dollars to buy safeties, trimmers and what not. However, very few of them really find a method to get rid of facial hair and even the ones who find a way to truncate this hair, end up with rough skin.

This post discusses an array of products that are quite extraordinary for removing facial hair while taking care of your skin as well. But please be advised that if your skin needs any special care, then it is your responsibility to go through the list of ingredients and determine what is best in your case.


If you are curious about using a facial hair removal cream mainly because your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or just happens to be a combination of all of them, then this is one of the friendliest products for you. It does not only work well on your face but has shown remarkable results on legs, arms, and tummy as well.

The packaging comprises of the set containing a spatula, a gel-cream accelerator, a mixing tray, a cream lightener and a nourishing hydration as well. So basically, it does not only aim to eliminate extra hair off your skin, but it also makes your skin hydrated and nourished afterward.

One of the core reasons as to why a significant number of ladies are preferring this facial hair removal cream is because it does not contain any traces of sulfate, parabens, and phthalates. Moreover, it happens to be a cruelty-free composition as well, which implies that it neither contains ingredients derived from animals and nor is the product tested on animals.

The nourishment cream contains Brazilian cupacu butter and acai, which happens to be the powerhouse of antioxidants and protects your skin from the formation and even propagation of free radicals.

Olay Hair Removal Cream

Olay has always been a focal point whenever it is about cosmetics and that is exactly what the brand has maintained in this very product. It basically works on a two-step system and in the first step, it gets rid of all the unwanted hair on your face, primarily on the jawline and upper lip. In the second step, the formula works to minimize irritation.

It is also worth mentioning that this robust formula works quickly and within 8 minutes, your skin gets transformed into a feminine skin, without a trace of hair. Moreover, the product is also dermatologically tested and the package contains enough cream to last for about 3 months.

If you want to get the maximum out of Olay Hair Removal Cream then you are advised to cover the skin with a thick layer without rubbing it on your skin. It should only be used with the balm contained inside the packet and you must always wash the hands after using it.

Sally Hansen

Once again, the product we are presenting is tested by salons and dermatologists, so you can use it pretty frankly without worrying. The formula is improvised and they have added a very fresh fragrance as well to give a revitalizing feel to your skin. Dehydration is one of the main concerns these days and that is why this formula is infused with moisturizers that do not only remove hair but keeps your skin hydrated as well. Moreover, since it contains an abundance of vitamin E, this facial hair remover plays a vital role to keep your skin soft and smooth even after getting rid of the coarse hair. The presence of pumpkin seed extracts together with willow herb ensures that the recurrence of facial hair is diminished to a great extent and that is truly a significant perk.

Facial Hair Remover by Palmer’s

A lot of women do not prefer any fragrance in their hair removal cream, especially if it is to be used on the face and that is exactly where this product comes into play since its odorless formula favors that while dissolving all of your unwanted hair. After its application, you will have a soft and smooth skin, lasting for days.

It is worth noticing that the presence of cocoa butter makes it a deeply moisturizing cream. The presence of vitamin E makes your skin replenished after getting rid of the hair in less than 4 minutes. Yes, even I was amazed to see the results in such a short span.

Quite rationally, the only restriction is that you should not use it on eyebrows but rest assured, it is quite good for the chin, upper lip, jawline, and sideburns as well.


Nair has been in the business for quite some time now and even if you are not very interested in cosmetics, it is not a secret that it happens to be one of the leaders in hair removal creams. Well, its formula for facial hair removal cream is even more sensitive and supercharged at the same time.

This packaging contains four bottles of the hair removal cream, with 2 ounces each, so you get 8 ounces in total. Which is pretty economical for this price range.

If we talk about the composition, it is laced with sweet almond and mineral oils which play a key role to make your skin smooth, radiant and unblemished at the same time. I mean, this is a necessity after getting rid of unwanted facial hair after a long time!

One of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer this product is because Nair does not test this cream on animals, so they do not suffer from this barbaric cruelty.

Please make sure that you do not apply the cream on your eyebrows, but chin, upper lip, jawline, and cheeks. Do not forget to wash your hands immediately after the use and remember not to rub it on your cheeks after applying.