Unless you are pursuing the ‘au naturel’ look, it is important for every woman to use shampoo. However, most of us do not even bother to look at the back of the bottles where all the ingredients are mentioned. This is mainly because the spellings are ‘unnecessarily’ difficult. I mean I can understand the pain because even I don’t like trying to pronounce spellings of words such as formaldehyde and phthalates.

However, it is also important to look at this list to notice whether there is any animal-derived ingredient or not. Please note that a lot of manufacturers just sneak in the names of such ingredients with a hope that you would never notice. It is your responsibility to ensure that the shampoo you are buying is certified to be vegan or it explicitly mentions that none of the animal-derived ingredients are being used.

This post will present you with an array of shampoos that we have investigated to be cruelty-free and are absolutely plant-based.

Powerful Purple Shampoo by Marc Daniels

Apart from being cruelty-free, this shampoo is laced with a variety of other perks as well, which are quite extensively sought out by beauty enthusiasts. One of such great features is that this shampoo is now sulfate free and the presence of cypress oil ensures that the brassy yellow tone in your hair is neutralized. It happens to be one of the greatest concerns in blonde and color treated hair. If you have dull and brittle hair, then you need to take advantage of the pro-vitamins contained in this purple bottle. It also offers protection from harmful UV rays.

Moreover, its improved formula is known to embellish shine in your hair and soften the strands as well.  If we talk particularly about the blonde hair, they are exposed to dehydration, and that is exactly where this shampoo comes into play. It rehydrates your hair and gets rid of the frizz while leaving a pleasant scent as well.

Due to the presence of herbal ingredients such as rosemary leaf extract and vitamin A and C, the rate of hair growth increases and your scalp condition is also improved to a great extent. It is not only good for sensitive scalp, but the presence of anti-oxidants ensures that your damaged hair is repaired as well.

Nature’s Gate Shampoo

The name says a lot about its frankness with nature. This shampoo is laced with the richness of sunflower and pomegranate extracts and therefore, it offers a perfect defense against hair damage, mainly due to the color treated hair.

It works at the cellular level by cleansing your hair first and encouraging its strands to heal. Moreover, its deeply hydrating and conditioning formula is quite well recognized to boost cellular renewal which revitalizes your hair and provide them a whole new look.

If we particularly talk about the sunflower seed extract, which happens to be a rich source of polyphenols, it plays a pivotal role to guard your hair against harmful UV radiation and adds a layer of shiner as well. Not only that, but it also plays a role in preventing your hair from fading, which is quite an ordinary thing nowadays. On the other hand, antioxidants and pomegranate extracts play their role to offer a great deal of nourishment.

It is worth noticing that this shampoo is not only cruelty-free, but soy, paraben, and gluten-free as well. Furthermore, if you are looking for a product that does not contain artificial colors and sodium, here comes your best bet. If you are wondering about more of its ingredients, please note that it is laced with harvested herbs, jojoba oil, essential oils and fruit and plant extracts which keep your scalp moisturized and healthy.


This is one of the best shampoos for tightly coiled, wavy, coiled, straight and curly hair. BRIOGEO happens to be a foamy shampoo with ultra-hydrating properties. Its powerful particles ensure dirt removal from your hair and scalp while eliminating oil as well. If you feel that your scalp has lost its moisture, BRIOGEO could turn out to be your best bet.

A few of the most prominent and active ingredients in this shampoo include biotin, algae extract, rose oil, and panthenol. The combination of reparative natural extracts and hydrating oils is just the perfect one to revitalize and strengthen your hair strands. If you have dry hair and you are specifically looking for a co-wash together with deep cleaning benefits, what are you waiting for?

It must be noticed that this unique formula is not only 95 percent plant-based, but it is absolutely free from all kinds of phthalates, parabens, gluten, and sulfates. Moreover, if your hair is chemically treated and/or colored, you should not be worried to use this shampoo since it is all taken care of. Same is the case for keratin treated and relaxed hair.

Jason Pure Natural Shampoo

If you are looking out for a purely restorative shampoo to revitalize your weak hair and repair the damaged strands, you might want to check out this robust product. Some of the most active ingredients include panthenol, lavender and ginseng extracts and biotin as well. It does not only aid you to repair the split ends but diminishes the possibility of future breakage, which is indeed a great perk.

Plus, since a lot of people want to use shampoos on a daily basis or every second day, its gentle composition ensures that your hair does not frizz out due to daily usage. Moreover, the formula used in this shampoo is biodegradable and contains all organic and natural ingredients.

Beauty Without Cruelty Volume Plus Shampoo

The name says it all for its cruelty-free properties. Moreover, if you are curious about its formula, please note that it is entirely plant-based and it is not even trialed on any animal. The presence of penetrating plant proteins ensure that the ingredients revitalize, rehydrate and strengthen your hair from top to the root.