It is very good to notice that nowadays, people are curious to know about the ingredients being used in their products. I mean even if the brand is well recognized and they are sure about the quality of the ingredients, many people just want to know whether the product is cruelty-free or not. This emerging trend is very positive and it must be appraised by everyone.

In order to promote the culture of using cruelty-free moisturizes, this post presents some of the products which we have found to be cruelty-free. However, if you need to weigh in other factors as well including your skin quality and allergic nature of some ingredients, please conduct your own research as well since these factors vary from one individual to another.

Saison Autumn Moisturizer

Well, of course, it is good for dry skin and that is precisely what moisturizers are all about, right? But it has several other perks as well. For instance, apart from hydrating your skin, it plays a pivotal role to prevent and diminish aging and block harmful rays of sunlight from attacking your skin. The presence of seasonal ingredients ensures that this moisturizer offers nourishment and revitalization to the skin while providing you with a reasonable deal of antioxidants.

One of the main features of its formula is that it leaves a dewy look, which makes you look more natural, instead of appearing to be like wearing excessive makeup. It is worth mentioning that Saison takes animal cruelty very seriously and has taken substantial steps against it. Moreover, it is also certified by PETA.

Well, that is not the only problem and if you do not want to use sulfates, triclosan, dyes, glycols, MEA and artificial fragrances, this moisturizer serves the purpose.

The Water Cream

Regardless of the fact whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of all, this cream is perfect for you. If you are curious about knowing the extent of hydration it may offer, well the name says it all…

This renewed and revitalized formula is purely oil-free and works as an anti-aging agent as well. This water cream is quite well recognized to provide your skin with a plethora of Japanese nutrients and botanicals, which play their role to make your skin appear poreless and offer your face with an exceptional hydration. Therefore, it happens to be a comprehensive and perfect solution for unevenness of the skin, dryness, and pores as well which makes you look aged.

The composition is rich in nutrients while possessing a great deal of water content that breaks as soon as you apply the cream on your skin in order to deliver nourishment to every pore of your face. Don’t worry, itchiness and greasiness are out of question in this case.

If you are curious regarding Japanese nutrients, please note that the wild rose and leopard lily are the two most important ingredients here. The latter mentioned is known to restrict excess oil from appearing on the surface of your skin and encourages skin turnover as well. However, the first one is responsible for smoothing the texture while making the pores tight. It also contains algae and tea extracts, which are two of the most important ingredients to diminish aging.

Please note that the cream is barred from containing sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Therefore, the formula is non-irritating and it also makes sure that your skin does not get sensitive to the application.

Kiss My Face

Once again, the very name says it all. This is a vegan product with absolutely zero animal cruelty involved in the manufacturing process. It features a perfect blend of aloe and olive oil, thus offering a very powerful antioxidant nature to your skin. These two ingredients play a major role to protect your skin from roughness and coarseness.

The composition is not only free from phthalate, artificial fragrances, and parabens but provides deep and instant hydration and softness that soothes your skin.

Josie Maran

Most of the moisturizers that offer many benefits are often thick in nature that they block your pores after the application. However, the case is quite different with this lightweight cream that provides you with a reasonable amount of benefits while leaving a luxuriously buttery feeling after hydrating your skin. Please note that if your skin is wrinkled, dry or faces redness, this might be the best product for you since it does not even contain any sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, which may cause irritation to some.

Its formula allows the cream and nutrients to be absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin fairly quickly. Therefore, the result is glowing and well-hydrated skin. One of the major contributors is argan oil and the one used in this product is 100 percent pure that guards your exposed skin by utilizing the power of vitamin E and fatty acids. The rest of the robustness is provided by cucumber extract, watermelon, and shea butter. Apart from that, the presence of aloe nectar makes sure that the inflammation is reduced and the redness of your skin is reduced to a great extent to make it look more natural and less aged.

Two of the key benefits is that this cream does not contain any fragrance and is perfect for every skin type. A lot of people, including me, make a decision after reading a deal of reviews on the internet. Therefore, let me update you that a research was conducted after using the product on testers for about a month and the results were quite promising. A hundred percent of the users said that they experienced a betterment in skin barrier function soon after a day of its application. The same percentage of people also admitted that the firmness of their skin improvised immediately after the first application and this sounds very promising. They also mentioned that after two weeks of usage, there was a considerable improvement in crow’s feet.

Well, these statistics were obtained after research so in order to get an unbiased and real-world opinion, let us switch to a consumer study. Well, 90 percent of the people said that they actually felt that the irritation was diminished and their skin was smoothed as well. A hundred percent of them admitted that they felt immediate hydration of the skin, which is truly remarkable.