There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that cosmetic industry is booming every day. However, there is a negative side to it as well, and that accounts for either testing of these products on animals or using the animal-based ingredients. This is truly pathetic.

Thankfully, due to very far-fetched campaigns by activists and PETA in particular, this trend has now started changing. There is a huge number of brands which are quite eager to pursue cruelty-free cosmetics. Since this blog post is about foundations, we will discuss multiple products that happen to be cruelty-free.

Water Foundation by TARTE

When it comes to face, most of the people prefer the lightweight look and feel, and the reasons are pretty understandable. Of course, nobody wants to splatter the foundation plate on the face. That is exactly where this product offers its perks and provides comprehensive hydration as well. Not only that, but this foundation also contains TARTE’s signature sunscreen, possessing SPF of 15. Its composition is infused with a rich complex, quite well recognized as Rainforest of the Sea.

It is worth noticing that this product is dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic. Therefore, even if your skin is sensitive, do not hesitate to use it. One of the core features is that it leaves your skin glowing for up to 12 hours and your appearance never looks dull or faded, provided that you wear a smile as well.

If your skin has breakouts, dark circles, and fine lines, it is quite well recognized to hide these unwanted facial features. Since it is crafted with about 20 percent water, your skin stays hydrated at all times.

Statistics show that women are quite satisfied by the results of this foundation since 97% admitted that their skin appeared to be more radiant, 97% said that they found their skins brighter and another 97 percent in another survey admitted that their skin got softer and smoother as well.

Milk Makeup

Looking for something light and natural for your skin? Well, you have found the right product as it is absolutely preservative free. Please note that a lot of people with dry skin are usually keen to go for liquid foundations to get a natural non-dry look. Not only that, this foundation acts as a sunscreen as well, possessing SPF of 30.

This ultra-hydrating formula nests in mandarin, olive oils, avocado and grape seed as well. When these ingredients are combined, your skin receives ultimate nourishment. It should also be noted that it possesses anti-microbial properties and the foundation contains silver as well which allows the foundation to be free of all preservatives.

If you are aiming for the full face, just push the button three or four times, and you will have the perfect amount of tint on your skin. However, you can always adjust it to suit your needs and reach the coverage area you want. I mean if you are willing to go for targeted touchups, just a click would be enough.

It should also be noted that apart from being cruelty-free, this product keeps your skin barred from all kinds of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

However, it must be noted that if your skin is sensitive to coconut oils and citrus, then we do not recommend this product in order to avoid irritation on the face.

PORCELAIN Organic Liquid Foundation

PORCELAIN has always been a forerunner when it comes to certified and organic cosmetics. This foundation is quite essential as it keeps that legacy and is nontoxic with at least 90 percent certified organics being used as its ingredients. In fact, they have gone a step further to keep this foundation palm free a well.

Whether you are willing to cover some spots on your skin or even the whole face, its buildable formula is there to help you with that. If you keep on using it for a significant amount of time, your skin will become habitual of its organic ingredients, and the look and feel will be enhanced to a whole new extent. Moreover, this robust formula comes with sun protection as well, while offering a dewy look. It plays a pivotal role in reflecting the sunlight from its layers, diminishing the appearance of skin imperfections, including fine lines as well. These properties make it an excellent anti-aging product.

Bisque Natural Coverage Liquid Mineral Foundation

These days, a lot of women are concerned about their pores being clogged due to the ingredients present in the foundations. Even if the ingredients are skin friendly, if the product is not lightweight, it can block your pores. Fortunately, this is not the problem with Bisque Mineral Foundation. Moreover, its long-lasting formula is bound to glorify your natural beauty and make it seem more noticeable.

Bisque is quite particular about not offering matt finishes to your face, and instead of that, the foundation leaves a Dewey and non-greasy look, which is exactly the talk of the day. This is quite good for working women who are exerting for prolonged hours.

Well, apart from providing a very light look, it covers the problem areas on your skin as well.

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation

The formula used in this foundation is one of the purest you could get since only essential ingredients are used to manufacture it. It does not only keep it natural but ensures that the product is absolutely safe for your skin. Moreover, its high water content guarantees that your skin never loses its moisture even if you apply the foundation before leaving for the work in the morning and return home in the evening after a hectic day.

Whether you desire touchups or full coverage, you got covered here. This gluten, paraben and cruelty-free foundation nourishes your face and provides sun protection as well.